The Perfect Pint Glass For Oregon Beer Drinkers

This custom blown pint glass has Mt. Hood molded right into the base! Portland’s North Drinkware says this about it: We made The Oregon Pint because we wanted a glass with a connection to the places where we live and play. North Drinkware used real United States Geological Survey (USGS) data (depicting ridges, canyons, and […]

Owls Attack Salem Residents

Watch out Salem! You’ve got evil owls waiting in the shadows ready to attack. The Statesman Journal is reporting on more owl on human attacks: “I was running up a steep little hill near the softball fields and felt this sharp scrape,” Radke said. “I originally thought it was an overhanging thorny branch, but I’ve […]

This Eugene Resident Isn’t Welcome By All

The Eugene Register Guard has reported that a coyote is hanging around their building. They go on to say that he’s probably feeding on nutria in the area. Nutria? We had to look that one up. According to, they’re rodents smaller than beavers, but larger than muskrats. They also mention that unless he bothers […]