Hostgator vs Weebly

As with all the comparisons of different web hosting websites, the features, prices, and timings of completes tasks are going to be part of the evaluation that concludes which one wins. This blog can also be taken as a simplistic head-to-head challenge between one of the best service providers in the industry, Hostgator and Weebly, which pits them against each other. This happens in a variety of ways, for example, comparing the prices of the services the companies are able to provide.

Hostgator vs Weebly

The prices:
Weebly has a cost of $7.00/month for its most basic service which may be affordable to some (especially if the quality of the service is excellent). On the other hand, Hostgator wins this round for having a $3.95/month price tag for its own basic web hosting service. Both of their basic plans (5GB storage, 1TB bandwidth, and a free domain) are the same but the price difference is huge when compared in between these two companies.

The uptimes and the performance:
Weebly has an uptime of 99.96 and while Hostgator claims to have an uptime of 99.99%. Judging by the previous sentence, one should know who has the best performance according to the uptime percentage, which is obviously Hostgator.

Refund policy:
Hostgator offer an awesome guarantee of 45 days or else the money will be refunded back to the customer. You can even signup for hostgator for just 1 cent if you use this hostgator 1 penny coupon when you signup. Hostgator wins this round by 15 more days in its guarantee while Weebly as a more general 30-day money back guarantee, which most of the web hosting companies offer. A lot can be checked in the trial period of 45 days and if Hostgator is not compatible with a business, then the money is given back to that particular business.

Customer Support:
While email support is offered by both of the companies, unfortunately, technical support does not exist for Hostgator. This one is maybe a huge drawback and a mistake on Hostgator’s part as customer support is an integral part of any business if it wishes to sustain itself in the industry. Lots of customers are going to need the technical support especially the newcomers; therefore Hostgator will be at a huge disadvantage.

Language can be a huge barrier when the business itself seems to establish itself in different markets. The same thing can be said for Hostgator and Weebly so Weebly has itself covered in this area. Weebly offers service in English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, and Turkish. On the other side of things, Hostgator just provides services in English, Chinese and Russian.

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