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Bluehost vs NameCheap
Both have already earned a name in the web hosting business and are earning a lot of loot for web hosting services. When it comes to a head-to-head challenge, there are differences in both of them but which of them is a clear winner is yet to be proven, so let’s just see how these two compare to each other. The comparison will consider the features, price of different services pertaining to different web hosting techniques, and the best timings as a way to place one of these as a winner.

The prices:
NameCheap probably has the cheapest prices for different web hosting services compared to others. NameCheap’s most basic of services has a cost of $9.88/year and the renewal of the service will cost around $38.88/year. Compared to NameCheap, while being affordable at $3.95/month Bluehost is way more expensive than it, so this why NameCheap takes the winner’s cake here.

The speed rankings:
In the speed aspect of web hosting, Bluehost take the cake for the winner to its home. Having been ranked higher than NameCheap all the time throughout 2016, 2017 and now in 2018. Now Bluehost ranks on the number 6th while NameCheap is behind it by two numbers based on the speed rankings provided by WP Dingo website.

Technical Support:
Both the companies have a great focus on the technical support aspect of the web hosting services. The customer can contact the support system at any time of hours whether it is through email or a telephonic call (NameCheap does not have it) and both of their websites have live-chat functionality.

NameCheap loses this round, as it does not provide a simple telephone support for their customers. Reviews found on different websites about hosting also suggest that their email support is also lackluster.

Bluehost has a money back guarantee of 30 days, while NameCheap gives a guarantee of just two weeks. Bluehost wins in this case by a huge margin as a 30-day guarantee gives you considerable time to think if the product is compatible or not for the company.

Drupal Compatibility and Other Features:
This feature is must have for all the web hosting service providers. It is a web framework for developing and maintaining websites used by 2.3% of all the websites all around the world. Both the companies are 100% Drupal Compatible, thus both are great in this way.

Both also have the latest versions of MySQL, PHP and Apache server. It also has an everyday backup facility, easy to use user interface and etcetera (Things needed for Drupal Compatibility)