Is Portland Safe?

Is Portland Safe?

Is Portland Safe?


These friends are worried about moving to Portland:

“My friend and I would love to go to Portland because it seems to be the best city in the United States. Me and my friend are both black and i just saw a documentary about white nationalism in Portland (volksfront). What I wonder is whether it is safe for us to go to Portland because of volksfronts large presence there.”

Portland Racism?

“Are there black people in Portland?”, is a question that I’ve been asked many times from people in other parts of the country. When I answer, “yes, why?”, I usually hear something like, “oh, because I heard it was a very white city.” Well let’s look at the data to find out.

Whoa! Portland is 76% white. Whereas the black population only makes up 6% of the Portland population. Like some Quora users said, unfortunately there will most likely always be a small fraction of white people who are racist. With a white population that large the chances are pretty good there are some here in the state, but I highly doubt they have any sort of large presence in the city of Portland itself. Maybe more rural areas of Oregon. In all the years that I’ve lived in Portland, I can say that I’ve never seen or heard of any racist groups popping up. In fact it looks like the group in question thankfully disbanded and is no longer active.

Just how safe is Portland, Oregon?

I think most will agree that Portland is a pretty tolerant, non-racist city, but is it a safe city? Let’s look at more data. Ugh. Rape is sadly much higher than the national average. As are robberies, burglaries and thefts. Putting it that way Portland doesn’t seem that safe! But interestingly enough, once you start comparing Portland only to other large-ish metro areas around the country, Portland starts to look a lot safer! Back in 2009, Forbes actually listed Portland as the #3 safest city in the US based on the crime rate.

If you really want to dig into specific crimes more, Portland State has a pretty good, updated list of crimes that have happened within Portland city limits going back to the 90s.

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