Never Forget The Portland Boom

Never Forget The Portland Boom

Never Forget The Portland Boom


Where were you on March 28th, 2010? Did you hear it?

Apparently there was a very loud mysterious boom around 8pm. How large of a boom? A large enough boom for someone to create a website dedicated to it!

Portland Police made a statement saying that it was a pipe bomb that went off on the shore of the Willamette River. The owners of the Portland Boom website aren’t buying it though.

Portland Mercury even mentioned it, with user comments like this one:

“I thought it might have been the meth house down the street finally exploding. I walked down there this morning and there was stuff all over the front yard…but unfortunately it is the same crap that has been there for two months and the house was still intact.”

Was it an exploding meth lab, earthquake boom, sonic boom, or something paranormal?

There’s been other “loud noise” events since then too:

What’s really going on Portland?!

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